COOLASS HAIR Lace Closure Customization kit

Coolass Hair Lace closure customization lace closure kit has everything you need to effortlessly customize your lace closure wig. Kit includes all the products needed to process up to a 5″ x 5″ (inch) closure unit. The kit can be used on HD, Undetectable, Transparent, Swiss & French Lace. Intended for use on human hair. This kit does NOT include tint.

Bleach Powder (17g)

Crème Developer (.5 fl oz )

Color Corrector (.12 fl oz)

Neutralizing Shampoo (.35 fl oz)

Purple Shampoo (.4 fl oz)

1 sheet of aluminum foil

1 pair of latex-free gloves

1 application brush 


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COOLASS HAIR Lace Closure Customization kit



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